Fixing a Malfunctioning Car Heater in Lihue, HI

Lihue, Hawaii doesn’t suffer a hard winter, but a cool morning or rainy evening may make you want a car heater. Not getting warm air from your car’s heater? Don’t give up. This article will help you diagnose and perhaps fix the issue, as well as when to call Auto Repair Services in Lihue, HI for professional help.

Coolant Level

Coolant transmits engine heat to your car’s heater.  The coolant reservoir is found by opening the hood.  Check your car’s manual for location.  Check coolant while the engine is cold. If low, replenish it 50/50 with water and coolant. Never open a hot radiator!

Check the Thermostat

The thermostat regulates engine and coolant temperatures.  A broken thermostat prevents the engine from reaching that temperature, affecting the heater’s performance. Though monitoring a thermostat at home is difficult, a lukewarm heater should indicate coolant circulation concerns.

Blower Motor

Blower motors drive air into the cabin through the heater core. If the blower doesn’t work or only a few vents blow air, the motor or resistor may be the issue. When you turn on the heating, listen for odd blower noises.

Heating System Heart

The heater core is a small radiator in the dashboard.  Coolant transfers engine heat via the core. Debris in the heater core reduces airflow and heating efficiency.  Although cleaning a heater core is tough, a complete lack of heat even with the blower on may indicate major obstructions.

Clean Airflow

A clogged air filter can reduce airflow in the car’s ventilation system, affecting heater performance.  When you replace your car’s air filter, see the owner’s handbook.

Study Electrical Connections: Interaction Network

Electrical components like relays and fuses control heaters. Your car’s heating fuses and relays are in the handbook.  Check for corrosion and blown fuses. Seek professional help if electrical work worries you.

Refill Cabin Air Filter If Needed

Few modern cars include cabin air filters that trap dust, pollen, and other allergens before they reach the passengers. A blocked cabin air filter may reduce heating efficiency. Refer to your car’s manual for cabin air filter location and replacement.

When to Hire Experts

You need professional help if these remedies don’t work for your heater. They have the tools to diagnose and repair your car’s heater, keeping you warm while driving. When searching for auto repair services, seek for stores with a good reputation for quality and customer service. 


Avoid heater troubles by routinely maintaining your car. Schedule routine maintenance with your preferred Lihue, Hawaii auto repair shop.  This will identify and resolve issues early on. This guide will assist your Lihue, Hawaii car heater keep you warm on those rare cold mornings and evenings. When needed, seek professional help. Remember that a short remedy can warm your car!